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    Rewilding Taranaki's Forests: Adding a splash of hihi colour

    Rewilding Taranaki’s forests through reintroduction: adding a splash of hihi colour New Plymouth public event.  Wednesday 3rd April, 2019.  6.00pm – 8.00 pm Venue:  Puke Ariki (1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth) Host/chair will be Dr John Ewen (Zoological Society of London and Co-Chair Hihi Recovery Group) Part one: Hihi are moving in! The story of […]

HIHI Recovery Metrics



Populations are located in New Zealand (we want more)


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Sites are provided supplementary food (we want less)

Nest Boxes

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Sites need to have nest boxes (we want less)



Visitors to sites with hihi in last year.

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