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I began working with hihi in 2005 with the transfer of the first birds to Zealandia/Karori Sanctuary and have been involved with the monitoring and management of the population since then, I have also assisted with monitoring of the population at Maungatatauri. Since late 2014 I have overseen the management of the Zealandia population, coordinating supplementary feeding and nest box monitoring and undertaking banding, data collection, sampling and reporting.

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    1000th hihi hatched at ZEALANDIA

    Hihi were first introduced into Zealandia in 2005 with 60 birds translocated from Tiri Tiri Matangi Island. Since then they have bred successfully every year and this week the 1000th hihi hatched at Zealandia was issued with its unique combination of coloured leg bands. The hihi/stitchbird is a small forest-dwelling passerine endemic to New Zealand. […]

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    A Stitch in Time

      Elisabeth Easther recently wrote a fantastic article celebrating hihi for the Four Corners section of North & South Magazine. This story featured in the September 2015 edition of the magazine. We would like to thank Elisabeth for helping raise the profile of hihi. Read what she wrote below;  

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