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Rewilding Taranaki’s Forests: Adding a splash of hihi colour

Rewilding Taranaki’s forests through reintroduction: adding a splash of hihi colour

New Plymouth public event.  Wednesday 3rd April, 2019.  6.00pm – 8.00 pm

Venue:  Puke Ariki (1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth)

Host/chair will be Dr John Ewen (Zoological Society of London and Co-Chair Hihi Recovery Group)

Part one: Hihi are moving in! The story of hihi coming back to the Taranaki (10 min presentation)

  1. After an absence of 130 years the hihi are back at Rotokare– (Simon Collins, Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust).

Part two: Main course – food for thought on rewilding Taranaki and its relationship with hihi

  1. The journey home: restoration and reintroduction in the Taranaki Region (Dr Kevin Parker, Parker Conservation)
  2. Hihi reintroduction as an acid test for ecological restoration of our forests (Prof Doug Armstrong, Massey University)

Part three: Hihi Conservation Science Highlights 2018-2019

1.  Pst… watch what you say you are being recorded! (Mhairi McCready, Hihi Conservation Officer – based on Metcalf et al. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2019)

2.   Do you stick with your mates when the going gets tough? (Dr Vix Franks, University of Cambridge – based on Franks 2018 PHD thesis)

3.   Its OK hihi will adapt and fit in… um wait, will they? (Dr John Ewen, ZSL – based on Villemereuil et al. Current Biology 2019)

Part four: Opening it to the floor (Chaired by John Ewen and Dr Danielle Shanahan, Zealandia)

Panel of speakers plus Lynn Adams (DOC, Hihi Recovery Group Co-chair) answer questions from the audience.

For more details see our Hihi Event Poster

Written by Dr John Ewen

I have been interested and working with hihi since I was involved with establishing the Tiritiri Matangi island population through translocation in 1995. I am now employed as a Research Fellow at the Zoological Society of London and have been here since 2004. My research is multi-disciplinary and focusses on small population biology and management. I use decision science to assist in planning hihi management and drive our applied research with this species and have experience in molecular and behavioural ecology, wildlife health and nutrition and reintroduction biology.


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